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Why do girls run away if you tell that you like them?

She is sucks...
I'm in love with the prettiest girl from our school, for more than a year now, and till this week, this feeling was going away and back.
Of course now, I'm attracted to her again, but anytime I've tried to get closer to her, she hided from me, and she gave me a miss for over a week. After it came back to the normal situation: we are great friends, we do a lot of things together, and we have a lot in common. I can say that I'm her best friend (I mean from boys) from our school, but she doesn't let me close to her. Not just me, but her ex-boyfriends neither. That's why she had two relationships in the last year, which only lasted for a month and was like "walking with someone...and sometimes a kiss... so pathetic.
Anyway, I felt that it's time again to do something, and than I can forget her finally.
So, on Wednesday, I told her, what do I feel about her. I told her that I'm in love with her again, and I just wanted to tell it. That's all. She didn't know what to say of course, and covered her inconvenience with loughs, and tried to change the subject of the talk, as usual.
Conclusion: Now I get what I was expected. She is hiding from me, and she doesn't talk to me a word and avoids the situations when we could see each other for a second. The most shocking term happened yesterday, she and I went to the city center after school, (we usually went together on Thursdays together by the Suburban Railway) and when I ran to catch the train, I noticed her, getting off the train at the station, where I get on it, and realized that she is there...getting off, why? The doors closed and I realized that she must have got on it at the previous stop, and as she saw me from the train running, she frightened, and got off for fear of travelling with me. I saw her as I passed her at the station, but she turned away, pretending that she is 'waiting for someone'. I just smiled at her, and DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY is someone behaving like this if you tell them that you like her???
I guess it's the side-effect of FRIEND ZONE. We are great friends, but nothing more, and if I want to get closer than the unusual close border, where not everyone belongs, than she gets frightened, and run away. But why?
Wouldn't it be better to just say NO?
Or just...don't give a damn about it, because I'm not pushy, and nothing has changed since I told her about it.
I just can't understand it.
Maybe, dear reader you do, if so, please help me with your idea.
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